Update on the situation of our email services - Import in progress (90%)
Incident Report for Cloudbizz
Dear Customer,

Good news: more than 90% of our customers have already been able to recover all of their mailboxes and the data attached to them (agendas, address books, etc.). For the remaining 10%, everything will be fully operational on Monday August the 3rd.

Your data was kept

The world suffered a series of cyber-attacks of rare intensity during the month of July 2020. CloudBizz, like other operators around the world, was a victim of these attacks. All the preventive measures made it possible to keep your data and we quickly put in place the necessary means to return to normal.
All this represented considerable technical, human and financial investments on our part. Now everything is back to normal and absolutely none of your data has been lost outside of your possible working hours on July 12th.

We take care of the rest

Thanks to the resources deployed, everything is automatic : we import all the history of your old mailbox into a new mailbox since July the 15th. As our infrastructure is under heavy demand, it is very likely that some delays will still impact the responsiveness of your Outlook-application until August the 3rd.

We ensure the preservation of your personal data

To date, we have no reasonable evidence of personal data exfiltration. But with the help of the judicial authorities and several companies specializing in the matter, we are also in the process of ensuring that all your personal data has been preserved.
We further strengthen your security
Despite the reliability of our infrastructures, we wanted to continue our efforts to strengthen your security. Our dual-level authentication system, which was a billed service up until now, will be offered to you. More information on this will be coming to you in August.

We maintain the efforts

Rest assured, once again, that our teams and our partners are continuing their efforts to guarantee the security of your data and maintain your trust.

We remain at your disposal

Despite these many efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have slight difficulties in obtaining the same type of configuration and presentation, the same calendar and mailbox shares as before.

You too, act for the security of your data
• Change your password. Above all, don't forget to update this new password on all of your connected devices: PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.
• If you consider that the incident is likely to generate a high risk for the rights and freedoms of the persons possibly concerned, we invite you to notify the incident to the Data Protection Authority by following the procedure described on the site of the latter at the following address: https://www.autoriteprotectiondonnees.be/professionnel/actions/fuites-de-donnees-personnelles.

In any case, we recommend that you record this incident in your personal data breach logbook.
In addition, we would like to thank you for your trust for the past 8 years and for your understanding in the face of this exceptional situation.
Posted Jul 31, 2020 - 11:00 CEST